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Sunday, September 25, 2011

National Quality Labels

The National Quality Labels have been granted to the etwinning project "myMagazeen"
for Greece, the UK, France and Bulgaria by their NSS.
The project therefore automatically receives the European Quality Label as well. Congratulations to all of us, teachers and students, who have worked hard for our international e-magazine!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Project Dissemination

Synergy: Connecting Teachers

On Monday 20/06/2011 the English Teachers’ Union of Serres (TEUM) and the State school advisor Mr Skenderis jointly organised an educational meeting under the title “Synergy: connecting teachers”. The aim was to enable English language teachers working in the primary and secondary education in the region of Serres to share good classroom practices, disseminate their work, exchanjavascript:void(0)ge thoughts and reflect on their experiences and teaching methods. The meeting was held at the premises of the 2nd EPAL of Serres.

Ms Theodora Gkeniou (Lykeio of Pentapolis) gave an alternative suggestion for teaching English in Lykeio. Her school along with schools from five more countries created an international youth e-magazine as part of an e-twinning project over a 9-month period. The development of social, digital and critical thinking skills which are necessary prerequisites in the learning and work environment of the 21st century, the growing role of technology and the emergence of new genres of communication (blogs, wikis, forums etc) as well as the dominance of English as the language of the Internet has led the partners to decide to take up the specific project. To find out more about it visit

Monday, June 13, 2011

A visit to the Tobacco Museum

On December 8, 2010, the junior and senior high school of Pentapolis visited two exciting places. The first was the Tobacco Museum of Pentapolis and the second was the photography exhibition “Kapnomagaza” (Tobacco Factories) by Kamilo Nollas at Pentapoli Serron.
The photo exhibition is a production of the museum of photography of Thessaloniki and The exhibition now is presented in Pentapoli Serron and it is held at the new Tobacco Museum of Pentapolis. At the exhibition you can see photos from old tobacco ware-houses at Agrinio, Volos, Kavala, Drama and Xanthi. Part of it is located at the Philarmonic Society of the municipality of Emmanouil Pappas, at a building that was renewed during 2007-2009. This exhibition had previously been presented in Paris, Constantinople, Athens and Thessaloniki.
Afterwards we visited the Tobacco Museum where we were informed how the tobacco started to be cultivated at the end of the 19th century. The stages of tobacco cultivation are:


After this procedure, tobacco growers' production was sold to the tobacco merchant and then to tobacco industries where cigarettes are made.

Here in Serres farmers used to plant Basma seeds that produced tobacco with unique aroma and taste. Tobacco was a crops preferred by the local farmers because it was more profitable than corn, wheat etc.

To sum up, both teachers and students were impressed and we recommend you to visit the museum and the exhibition!!

Text by Sotiris K.
Photos by Dora Gk.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Quality Label

Fantastic news, dear friends!!!
Apparently, we are the first team to receive our Quality Label from the NSS. We keep our fingers crossed for the others to get the label too, so that we can get a European Quality Label. We deserve it!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy summer holidays from Bulgaria

Although we still have a month to study, we would like to say "Happy summer Holidays to all our partners" It was pleasure to co-operate with you and we all deserve a long and wonderful holiday. If you haven't decided where to go yet, do not hesitate - come to Bulgaria! It is worth seeing and you are welcome!

our impressions

I worked in the project because I wanted to learn more about different cultures and improve my English.
I’m very glad I participated in the creation of the “International Youth e-Magazine” because I learned a lot. The only thing we may improve is the live connection between the students of different teams. I hope you liked working in the project, too.

I joined this project because I was interested in meeting people from other countries. I wanted to learn about the life and interests of people at my age in other countries.
This project was really interesting for me and I enjoyed taking part in it. I hope all of us, who were part of Youth Magazine, had fun working together as I did.

The idea if eTwinning is to unite people from different countries and to give them a chance to communicate and exchange opinions. It’s great that we can talk with other students and learn about their traditions which are new and very interesting for us. This is a safe way to make friends because some of us want to write or talk with foreigners but on the Net you never know who is on the other side. This project also gives us a chance to practice our English.